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Rent - Medela Symphony double electric breast pump

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Product Description

The pumps have been cleaned and sterilized following Medela maintenance and technical guide. 

The Symphony is particularly suitable for multiple births, premature babies prolonged expressing and anyone who simply wants the best.

The Medela Symphony is a double-sided hospital-grade electric breast pump and is effective for frequent, long-term pumping.  It is quiet and very adjustable, to make pumping as comfortable as possible. 

The rental fee is $70/week or $250 per monthDeposit of $300 would be needed and it will be refunded with return of your rental. One full set sterilized parts will be included with the rental. For hygiene purpose, we encourage you to purchase the new pump accessory kit, you can purchase it from here.

For pump return, you can either return to our woodland office personally or by courier service, We can also help to arrange courier service to pick up the pump from you, the courier fee is $8. It can be deducted from your deposit.

Medela - Symphony Breast Pump Kit #67399

The research-based Symphony breast pump has been developed specifically to support mums throughout their breastfeeding journey: to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply. Symphony is ideal for long-term and frequent pumping. You can continue using the hospital-grade pump you used in the maternity unit and decide later which personal pump to buy. With the Medela pump sets, you can express your breast milk from the comfort of your own home using your Medela Symphony rental breast pump. The pump sets provide you with everything you need as a breastfeeding mum.

Benefits of Symphony breast pump

The hospital-grade, multi-user Symphony breast pump with its technical features and accessories is based on clinical research and is designed to help you meet your individual needs throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Symphony features Medela’s initiation technology and 2-Phase Expression technology, comes with overflow protection and is equipped for double and single pumping.

All parts that come into contact with milk are BPA and phthalate free.

  • Supports you to successfully initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk production.
  • Helps you initiate lactation when using the INITIATE program
  • Assists you to build and maintain your milk production when using the MAINTAIN program.
  • Particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue
  • Alleviates symptoms of engorgement and helps heal mastitis
  • Brings out flat or inverted nipples
  • Easy to use and pleasingly quiet operation

Benefits of double pumping and 2-Phase Expression technology

  • Time saving – you can pump more milk in less time
  • Maintains your milk supply when direct breastfeeding is not possible
  • Your milk has a higher energy content – especially beneficial if your baby was born preterm
  • Comfortable and efficient to use

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Product Reviews

  1. Best pump & great customer service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Nov 2019

    I wrote to Kulily and enquired about the Symphony, the customer service replied within hours and I went ahead to place a rental. The pump was sent over the next day!

    I had a freestyle but sometimes both flanges do not get the equal strength. There were days where I had to do one side at a time, which was not time saving.

    Symphony is very very quiet and the strength is consistent. I'll get more yield per session and saves time. If I had a very bad clogged duct, it will take about 2-3 sessions to clear it. Besides, I feel that the rental fee can be lower especially when one is considering a longer term rental.

  2. Outstanding service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Feb 2019

    I have been using the Symphony for a number of months and we are in the process of relocating to Singapore. I didn’t want to bring my one from home and was quite anxious about being able to hire one, and the hassle to pick it up after we arrived. The service and prompt responses from the team at Kulily was great! Delivered at the time they said and no hassles whatsoever. Thank you so much!

  3. By far the best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Aug 2018

    Been using Spectra S1 which is supposed to be the best non hospital grade (even though they call it hospital grade). While it is good, could never achieve full satisfaction. Symphony is much faster and can completely drain out the breasts. Important thing is to get the flanges of the right size. Size is a bit of an issue which limits portability. Price is almost 8x of spectra.
    The key here is that it saves time and enhances milk supply.

  4. Best pump you can get! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jun 2018

    One of the best pumps I have ever tried. Comfortable and quiet - helped me cleared my most stubborn blocked ducts! Was sad to return it after the rental period was up! Thanks for having this rental service, it helped me greatly!

  5. great pump but steep rental fee 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jun 2018

    Function wise, Medela Symphony being a hospital grade pump, helps achieve faster letdown(in comparison to spectra s1 and medela freestyle). Multiple letdowns are possible with this pump as the letdown suction is adjustable and much stronger than spectra s1. Nipple comfort wise, it is within the acceptable range but not as comfy as spectra. For someone looking for a higher yield, this pump is worth a try.

    Weight wise, it is as bulky as spectra s1 but much heavier and can only be operated when plugged in. This made it hard to bring out since it’s less portable and require a power point whenever you need to pump.

    Overall, this pump is highly recommended for preemie or mums with multiples as it can help to establish good milk supply within the first 3 months. It is also a good pump to try if you are struggling with low milk yield even after you get the right sizing for flanges.

    Price wise, it is on the very high end. I gave it a 4 Star rating as I really love the pump but felt the rental fee is much higher as compared to the states and it’s not very worth buying a 2.5k pump just to achieve higher yield than spectra s1. Having said that, if the rental Fee is made more affordable like less than $100 a month, I will definitely give it a 5 star rating.