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Maymom - Breastpump Power Bank Kit; Aka Lithium Battery Holder/Charger (battery not included)

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Product Description

Your power bank for breastpumps. Suitable for Medela pump in style both 9V and 12V models, Freestyle (12V) and spectra S1, S2 pumps.

Lithium batteries are required but not included in this listing. You can purchase HERE

  • Power Bank Kit for breastpumps; Convenient, and save cost buying batteries; Alternative to dead Freestyle battery or faulty charging circuit.
  • Incl. 4-cell lithium battery charging holder (main unit), USB charging cable, DC cable and storage pouch. NOTE: no battery in this listing.
  • Uses 2 or 4 lithium 18650 rechargable batteries (required, and it is sold separately; You can choose battery with capacity up to 3.7V x 4 x 3400mA))
  • Input: 5V (you can use computer USB port, cell phone charger); Output: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V

 FAQ About Maymom Breastpump Power Bank

What safety features does this unit offer?

This unit offers overload (1.0-2.3A), overcharge (> 4.2V), and over discharge (< 2.8V) protections.

What kind of cells can be used in this unit?

You can buy any 18650 rechargeable lithium battery (about 18 mm OD, 650 mm length) from Amazon or your local hardware store to fit in this unit.

How to identify the (+) polarity of an 18650 lithium cell?

Some cells already have the (+) sign on the cell itself. For those that are not marked, the (+) polarity is the end that has gas venting holes or its end would have a protruding middle. The (-) polarity is normally a completely flat surface without any holes.

What will happen if I incorrectly install the cells?

There will be high current (>10A) flowing through the coil of the holder immediately, making it super hot, and loose its elasticity. Then the contact between the coil and the cell will be broken, thus the current is cut off. Don’t touch the coil right away. Let it cool down. Use a tool to pull the coil to its original length so the unit can be used again.

What is the capacity of this power bank?

It depends on the cells installed. There are 18650 cells with capacity ranging from 1000 - 3400 mAhr. With 4 cells installed, the capacity would be 4000 - 13600 mAhr. Panasonic is the only company that makes true 3400 mAhr 18650 cells. Do NOT believe in products that claim a bogus capacity.

How long does it take to fully charge the unit?

It depends on the USB charging current and the capacity of the cells installed. The higher the USB charging current and the smaller the cell capacity, the faster it can fully charge the unit. An example of 2A USB charging current can fully charge this unit with 4 cells of 2500 mAhr in about 6 hr.

What are the power sources that can charge this unit?

Any USB power source, like USB from notebook/desktop computers, USB plug from your cell phone charger, USB port from another power bank and your cell phone charger with a micro-USB output. However, some power source (USB from an old notebook computer) outputs less than 0.5A, thus it will take much longer time to charge this unit than those with higher output current.

How long can I run the pump after each charge?

It depends on the pump and the cells installed in the unit. An example of 4 cell 2500 mAhr unit can run Medela Pump in Style at max setting for about 5 hrs.

Can I use this unit to power other devices?

You can use the 5V USB output from this unit to charge many Android based cell phones and modern notepads. With appropriate plug changer, you can also use it for charging iPhones, or use the 9V (2.3A max) output to power many older notepads sold between 2012-1014. You can use the 12V output (1.3A max) to power many LED lights and more. However, the unit might not have enough current to be used in a power tool (drills, etc).

Can I use this unit as a lithium battery charger?

Yes, it can charge up to 4 lithium cells a time. How to store this power bank? Without cells installed, you can store this unit as other electronic devices. With cells installed, store the power bank between 0 - 45oC.

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